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The DIN "A" type rails (standard European profile) are rolled based on the DIN 536/1991 Specification. The "A" rails, with their wide base, low center of gravity and wide web, are ideal for high side thrusts. They are available in several sizes from A45 to A150 whose numbers represent the width of the head in mm. In the past, these rails were offered in two types of steel: 700 and 900.

Recently, a progressive increase of the vertical loads of cranes on some special projects has led to the mounting requirement for a rail with a greater hardening surface. These rails are rolled in 1100 steel whose chemical composition and mechanical properties are not governed by the DIN 536/1991 Specification.

Crane Rails

DIN Crane Rails

European MRS series crane rails, MRS73 - MRS221.

Produced according to Mill Standard.

Crane Rails

MRS Crane Rails

Crane Rails under American Standards (CR 104 through CR 175) are rolled based on the technical specifications ASTM A759-2000 and are offered in either Standard Grade (Control Cooled) or Head Hardened.**

The ASTM A759-2000 specification is applied only to type CR crane rails with a nominal mass of 51.6 kg/meter to 86.8 kg/meter.

Crane Rails

CR Crane Rails


Crane Rails


CLIK® provide a wide variety of clips to fit different kinds of rails, including DIN Rail, MRS Rail, ASCE Rail, US Crane Rail,etc. CLIK clips are fixed through bolted or welded base.Backed by our 25-year experience in large scale projects and customer service, we are able to support you to utmost.


  • Adjustable fixing of rails with or without pad
  • Designed to carry very high forces for tough working conditions with long life expectancy
  • A System allowing an easy lateral adjustment of the rail
  • Easy positioning, installation and maintenance
  • The elastomer nose increases tolerances of the rail support structure, reduces stress of the connections, and allows a better fixing of the rail
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Crane Rails


CLIK® elastomer pads are designed for soft mounting system to reduce shock and vibration. CLIK supply kinds of pads for both continuously and discontinuously supported systems.


CK 2 Pad Section


CK 7 Pad Section

CLIK CK 2 elastomers pad is used under rails discontinuously supported.

CLIK CK 7 steel reinforced continuous pad is used under rails continuously supported.

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Automated Container Terminal

Thanks to their efficiency, reliability and safety, increasing automated container ports have been built or under construction, explaining the surging requirement for crane rails mostly used in port projects, container yards, warehouses, tramways and shipyards. As the most important link of chains, crane rails must be highly solid.

Clik, with decades of industry experience, provide various solutions to your projects including design consultancy, operation direction, after-sales service by offering quality crane rails (e.g. of European origin with more than 260HB hardness and over 15 working years), clips, pads, anchor bolts, grouts, welding kits, etc. We’ve been doing our utmost to help ports operate in a more smooth and safe way, beyond your expectation.


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