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The DIN "A" type rails (standard European profile) are rolled based on the DIN 536/1991 Specification. The "A" rails, with their wide base, low center of gravity and wide web, are ideal for high side thrusts. They are available in several sizes from A45 to A150 whose numbers represent the width of the head in mm. In the past, these rails were offered in two types of steel: 700 and 900.

Recently, a progressive increase of the vertical loads of cranes on some special projects has led to the mounting requirement for a rail with a greater hardening surface. These rails are rolled in 1100 steel whose chemical composition and mechanical properties are not governed by the DIN 536/1991 Specification.


Size Standard B
A45 DIN536 P1:1991 45 24 125 55 22.10
A55 DIN536 P1:1991 55 31 150 65 31.80
A65 DIN536 P1:1991 65 38 175 75 43.10
A75 DIN536 P1:1991 75 45 200 85 56.20
A100 DIN536 P1:1991 100 60 200 95 74.30
A120 DIN536 P1:1991 120 72 220 105 100.00
A150 DIN536 P1:1991 150 80 220 150 150.30