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CLIK® elastomer pads are designed for soft mounting system to reduce shock and vibration. CLIK supply kinds of pads for both continuously and discontinuously supported systems.


CK 2 Pad Section


CK 7 Pad Section

CLIK CK 2 elastomers pad is used under rails discontinuously supported.

CLIK CK 7 steel reinforced continuous pad is used under rails continuously supported.

CK 2
(For Discontinuous Rail Support)
Material  EVA copolymer
Max compressive stress 15 N/ mm2
Shore hardness (ISO 868 A scale)  95 IRHD
Tensile strength (ISO R 527)  15 Mpa
Elongation at break (ISO R 527)  750%
Elastic modulus (ISO R 527)  100 Mpa
Temperature range  -25°C to +75°C

CK 7
  (For Continuous Rail Support)      
Material  Nitrile rubber
Shore hardness (ISO 48:1994) 75 ± 5 IRHD
Tensile strength (ISO 37:1994)  15 N/ mm2
Elongation (ISO 37:1994) 240%
Compression set (ISO 815:1991) 5% Max @ 23°C
Rebound resilience (ISO 4662:1986)  27%
Temperature range  -25°C to +100°C