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Qingdao port---the amazing automated container terminal! Sep 8, 2017 1:37:15 PM

Recently, the first full-fledged automated container terminal was officially opened at Qingdao port. You would be amazed to find out that the entire operation site seems"empty" with the robots going back and forth busy loading and unloading containers automatically.
The project team spent 3 years experimenting more than 50,000 times to work out the new generation control system through independent research, breaking the foreign monopoly. The construction cost of the new system is only 75% of its counterpart abroad, with a lift in the production efficiency by 30% and a salsh in manpower by 70%.
It is changing the mode of production and management of container loading and unloading, creating an innovative China Miracle on the world shipping stage. Steel CLIK is a reliable supplier of Qingdao Port project, doing our bit to realize the prosperity of the country's shipping industry.